My morning on the farm…..

I love days where I get to spend a little extra time on the farm, before the other responsibilities of my day start knocking on my door. This morning was particularly nice, as the horrid wind had stopped, the sun had come out, and Mini was in one of his rare good moods. Since it was so nice….I decided to share.

Decked out in my farm gear, which translates to Stephen’s sweat pants and coat, old shoes, and armed with two buckets.
Out to the chicken pasture I go to let out the tribe, gather any eggs, fill up the feeder and waterer.
The chickens run to their favorite morning spot by the barn to dust bath. I’ve actually caught Mini in a rare moment of relaxation – the boy never cuts loose.
While the chickens enjoy the sun, I climb up into the barn loft to get some fresh hay for the nesting boxes.
Taking a short cut through the horse corral, I manage to step in a big pile of poop.
Which reminds me that I can’t leave out the chicken’s buddies, Cody and Jill.
So far we’ve had a two egg morning…..thanks to Josephine and Pearla
Chickens are as happy as ever…..piled up and enjoying the morning.

This is what mornings on the farm are like – chickens, eggs, poop, hay, dirt. All the nice things that, despite being dusty and outside, make you feel real clean.

~ Natalie

2 thoughts on “My morning on the farm…..

    1. Oh I know! Luckily it wasn’t the freshest poop on the ground. I bet you know all about good fresh poop with your herd! How are they all doing? I was sad right a long with you guys with your last post.

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