Afternoon fun

With the weekends jam packed, we spend most afternoons working on various things around the farm. New plants, new chickens, new bees, new paint (which still needs to go on the old house)…..the list of chores is never ending, but we still find time to have a little bit of fun.

Little chickens are growing up!
Zillah, Quigley, and Dangerfield
Quigley likes to hop up for a snuggle
Lots of lettuce ready for the picking
Gotta smoke those bees
Bee suites are for protection
Bees need more gear than chickens!

7 thoughts on “Afternoon fun

  1. The new chicks are looking great! And I’m jealous of your bees! LOL! We don’t have enough permanent vegetation yet to sustain a hive; first things first. We’ll be watching your progress with them!

    1. I hope the bees work out too – I’m terrified of them, but I’m looking forward to having the wax to use for various projects. Stephen is the beekeeper around here – I just observe from the truck and take photos….from a distance.

      The little chickens are growing up so fast – your buckeyes are looking really cute! What do you think about their personality? Everything I’ve read is so varied – so I’m really curious.

      1. Thanks! The Buckeyes are much more laid back than the Wyandottes (and we thought the Wyandottes were pretty laid back)! We are loving them! When we go out to gather eggs, they cluster around our legs and they love for us to pet them. We are planning on adding 10-12 more Buckeye hens later this season.

  2. Looks like Spring has sprung! I’m amazed at all you and Natalie are involved in, and still have a little time to yourselves, still work but enjoyment too. Thanks for sharing your pictures, who’s the photographer?

    1. Yeah, it seems like our to-do list keeps growing longer and longer and longer. Natalie is the photographer; I’m more just a point and shoot type.

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