Now Spring Has Clad The Grove In Green

Now spring has clad the grove in green,
And strew’d the lea wi’ flowers;
The furrow’d, waving corn is seen
Rejoice in fostering showers

– Robert Burns

Spring is always full of new things and the most vibrant shades of green. Despite the sniffles, sneezes, and itchies…..this spring is particularly exciting. There are lots of new things taking place and growing up around the farm – there’s never a dull moment and always plenty to do.

We are adding three new chicks to our flock this year.

Dangerfield – Golden Cuckoo Marans

Zillah – White Plymouth Rock

Quigley – Easter Egger

We’ve got over 200 new blubs of garlic growing in the garden….plus over 200 onions….and at least 100 carrots.

Not to mention all of the new tomatoes, squash, watermelons, and peppers at the house waiting for their day to move to the big garden.

New leaves on the apple trees.

And the house….waiting for new paint.

5 thoughts on “Now Spring Has Clad The Grove In Green

    1. Thanks! I’ve been catching up on my blog reading today and see that you have some newbies too – they are so cute! I love them when they get to that gawky “teenage” phase. What breed do you have?

      1. Buckeye’s are awesome! I love the fact that they are the only breed developed by a woman. I look forward to hearing more about yours as they grow up.

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