Weather Roulette

Ugh, the weather these days. In Shelby, March was one of the warmest on record. People have been cutting grass for over a month, planting gardens (some of which already have corn stalks a foot high), and sneezing their heads off because everything is blooming early. Still, I didn’t take the bait. I diligently looked up the average last frost date for Shelby, April 14, and planned months ago to set out my young heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, and peppers a few days after that. And so I did.

Now, on the morning of April 24, 2012, we set a new record low for all April 24s in recorded meteorological history: 34° F.  This previous record was held by April 24, 1893.

The official temperature is taken five feet above the ground, and since cold air sinks, the temperature at ground level is colder, say, 32° F.  Of course, at 32 ° F frost forms and sure enough patchy frost covered the ground this morning. I didn’t want one of those patches to settle on and kill my plants, so last night the garden looked like an army of misfit boxes and flower pots in ranks across the field, protecting the plants. As far as I can tell, my plants came out unscathed, but my truck didn’t, as I put a small but deep scratch on it when I was backing up in the dark to return from the garden. Ugh.

On a brighter note, meteorologists are forecasting a cooler summer for the southeast because of El Nino.

Natalie was a little upset I used our good beach towels.

4 thoughts on “Weather Roulette

  1. Constant vigilance! You guys have good cause to be miffed at the weather–I’m just complaining because I’m cold. Hoping your veggies come through OK!

  2. Constant vigilance! You guys have good reason to be miffed with the weather–I’m just complaining because I’m cold. Hoping your veggies come through OK!

    1. I’m cold too – where did the nice warm weather go – and the wind….ugh! We checked the garden out the next afternoon and everything seems to be doing pretty good….at least to my untrained eye….I leave the real evaluations to Stephen.

      Are you still growing plants on your porch this spring or are you going to wait until you get settled in later this summer?

      1. We have our knockout roses, which are blooming very prettily, and I planted some bulbs back in the fall, which are now blooming as well–daffodils and dutch irises. I am so looking forward to having a yard later this summer–as soon as we know where we are going to be, I will start planning my plantings!

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